Now I kinda like working from home

I wrote a half blog post on Wednesday: “I’m on day 7 of working at home and I have to say that I am getting WAY more done at home without all the phone calls and other distractions at the office. Today I spent the whole day in a data-migration with a consultant halfway across the country that would have been way harder to do at the office. I was so much more focused than I would’ve been had I not been at home. And it was so nice to be on a Zoom meeting ALL day with someone working from home (WFH) whereas it would’ve been kind of a pain from the office. It’s way easier to ignore an email than to ignore someone standing right in front of you! Also, just hanging with someone all day was nice, even if it was online and we were working.” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Okay, so it’s like Saturday now and I’m just not feeling that optimistic. Yeah, my cat is happy. Yeah, I can do laundry at work and wear yoga pants ’til the end of time. But this is staring to suck. I’m a total introvert, too, so this isn’t about social stuff like going to bars. I’m actually worried about life as we know (knew) it and the economy and stuff like that.


I used to read every apocalypse book and watch every movie and what I noticed is that the sequels were ALWAYS dystopian worlds. Just thinking about that…and gardening and going on walks, taking photos of rainbows and eating, but thinking, too! What about you?








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