Deeper into the Corona

It’s been a weird week for everyone, I know. We’ve all been addicted to the news as we adjust to whatever this new normal is going to be. Our Zoom board meeting went well and it was interesting to get such a personal picture of everyone’s space (those who joined with video that is). I did a Zoom webinar on Thursday and learned how to make cool fake backgrounds so nobody can see your messy house or whatevs. Not sure the etiquette on that stuff, but it’s one more thing to learn in this new digital workplace.

An old cubicle neighbor from a prior job and I have big plans to use Google Hangouts to simulate the coworker experience next week while we’re both stuck working from home. We used to chat all day facing opposite directions with a cube wall between us, so it’ll kinda be just like the old days. Nice to connect with an old friend, too.

On Friday I rode my bike to the office to check the mail, scan stuff, get stamps and envelopes to send out checks, and make some bank deposits. I was also running some personal errands and as I cruised around downtown, it occurred to me  that this is the “note on the door apocalypse” because every single business had some kind of a note on their door about COVID-19 and the changes it entailed. From the herb store only accepting call-in orders to be picked up by appointment to the banks doing only drive-up or night drop, to the restaurants only doing carry out, everywhere has a sign on the door–and there is almost no one around.

I found out today that my brother is in actual quarantine from a meeting with a coworker who tested positive for the virus. He’s feeling great, but I feel bad for him literally stuck at home with no choice to go on a walk or run errands or anything. That would be the worst. At least I can go for walks, bike rides, go to the store, and little stuff like that. I can’t imagine not being able to leave at all. He only told us today, but he was exposed on the 12th, so it’s already been over a week and it’s good to know he’s okay. Still, this thing hits closer to home every day.

On my walk today (so grateful for this sunny weather) I came across a maybe 11 or 12 year-old girl writing positive messages on the street with sidewalk chalk. She wrote “Just Read” and drew some books, and “It’s okay to be afraid” and “You’ve got as much chance as everyone” on the road. It was cute, but kinda sad, too. These poor kids! I was about that age when Chernobyl happened, but life went on as normal and they didn’t cancel school or anything. It’s gotta be so scary to be young right now–and old!

How are you doing out there?

One thought on “Deeper into the Corona

  1. Hi Shell. I’ve been meaning to get back to you. I’ve seen your posts. I’ve got something going on here with maybe a stomach bug, and so I’m staying at home for now. No fever so far. I’ve decided to just sit and work on manuscripts. I’ve got a lot of editing to do, and I’m actually working from home as an editor now, plus writing indie books. I just released a second 80s vampire book, and I’m thinking of doing a zombie series if all goes well. I like comic-book style stories from the monster’s point of view. I’m also putting out a new series in the Despair ‘verse called The Spirit Gods. Some of this is old material I’ve had lying around that I’m reworking now.
    I hope your brother will be okay. You could get on discord with the other writers if you want to interact with some people. If you want an invite, I think you have to email me for that and then I can get you one. The other way you can get an invite is to message me on FB, I think. Cory’s on discord, Spencer occasionally shows up, and I’m on there. Might be others you know.
    Keep in touch! I’ll be posting on, but mostly just about books I’m putting on Amazon. But I’m all over FB and discord.

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