My January in Books

Seraphina (Seraphina, #1)Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. I totally loved this book! The world building and characterization were amazing, as well as the writing and just the vibe. Seraphina is a strong female character with just the right amount of self-doubt to make her lovable. Also, the dragons in this book are unlike any I’ve ever encountered. Hartman says a lot more about humankind through her dragons than the mythical dragons we are used to reading about. The romance in this book, though understated, is also really sweet. Thanks to my son for a great Christmas gift. He knows me well.

A Walk Across the SunA Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison

So sad, but this book actually gives me hope that at least some of the victims of human trafficking will get help. The story shows the lives of 2 young, intelligent Indian girls who not only suffer the death of their entire family in the great tsunami, but are then taken into the world of sex and drug trafficking as a result. Alternate chapters follow a jaded lawyer who finds his calling in India working with an agency that targets traffickers and aims to rescue the victims. It’s an intense story but well worth the read.

Are U 4 Real?Are U 4 Real? by Sara Kadefors

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I accidentally bought this book thinking it was Who R U Really? but this book was still a fun read. According to the jacket, this book is Sweden’s all time bestselling YA novel. I do like how it is supportive of gays and a stereotype buster for teens. That said, it is definitely a heterosexual romance, and very realistic for modern teens.

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Creepy and unsettling ending, but a real page-turner in between. Can’t wait to see the movie.

Eye ContactEye Contact by Cammie McGovern

Quite an interesting murder mystery told through the eyes of mostly special needs children. A real page turner, but also enlightening when it comes to the lives of autistic children and their parents. Fascinating.

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