The Importance of a Good Title

One thing about getting published by traditional publishers is that most authors don’t get to keep their original book’s title. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sad about this, sentimentally holding on to their working title when a publisher changes it. Even self-published folks should consider their titles carefully, and here’s an example why.


I was looking for a new show to watch recently when I came across a show called Lovesick on Netflix. That sounded like my kind of show. Then I realized that it had previously been called Scrotal Recall and I remembered seeing Netflix recommend it to me highly, but ignoring that. Scrotal Recall sounded like a show for 20 year old dudes, not me. But I freaking love the show. Turns out, with the original title the show flopped. Now it’s doing a lot better.

One of the novels I’ve written has a crap title, I’m realizing, and learning about how a title can really change peoples opinions about anything helps me to let go. I still have a ton to learn about picking a winning title, but letting go of a bad one is half the battle. What do you think? Any advice for picking winning titles?

I hope to blog more often now that Nanowrimo is over. It was a lot of fun and I’ve got a great start on my next novel. How did you do?




3 thoughts on “The Importance of a Good Title

  1. Yeah titles can make a huge difference. I remember being disappointed when my publisher didn’t like the name I had for my War of Six Crowns Book 1. I loved the name Doorways, but after putting some thought into the title, I came up with some much better titles. 😀

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