The Cat in the Top Hat

Just thought I’d share a photo of the top hat I made for my familiar (a stuffed black cat) as part of my Halloween costume, but now belongs to my real cat. He’s so dapper and seemed to feel right at home in a top hat. It didn’t bother him at all. Such a gentleman. He always wears a white tie, so he’s ready for any occasion.


It’s day 4 of Nanowrimo, and so far I’ve written just a smidge more than the required 1667 words per day. I have a big weekend planned, so I will probably fall behind, but I know I can catch up. Here is a tip for all of you participating in this crazy novel-writing adventure:

When you find yourself struggling to remember a character’s name, eye color, etc. or identify a place that needs research, just insert a symbol and a note there instead of letting these little details slow your writing down. It’s way easier to fix that stuff when you have time to edit than to go back to find the information, or to distract yourself by googling a detail and falling down that rabbit hole. Just keep writing! Edit in December 🙂

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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