More on my steampunk witch costume and some news



Here is a photo of my witch’s hat and the start of my broom for my steampunk witch Halloween costume. The hat has copper wire sewn up in a spiral and a couple little keys on it. I hope to make my broom more steampunk by making it “do” something to simulate flight. We’ll see. The broom is made of alder twigs and a larger alder branch gathered near my home. Gotta love the windstorms this time of year!

As for my news, a story I wrote, Patched Up, is going to be featured on my coworker’s awesome Podcast for his Halloween edition. His Podcast, Friends of the Void, is a story-within-a-story with various author’s stories woven into a continuing thriller. Another of my ultra-creative coworkers also has a story in this episode, so it’s going to be totally awesome. Our episode drops on Saturday, but give the other episodes a listen because the main story is amazing. Also, Mat Hudson is a creative genius, so check out his website, too!


3 thoughts on “More on my steampunk witch costume and some news

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can get a pic of me in the whole costume today. Happy Halloween to you, too. Looks like Mat hasn’t updated the podcast yet for the edition with my story in it, but he has a lot of episodes before that one.

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