Blogging Again

It’s been several months since I deleted my Blogger site, Tangent Shell, and a lot has gone on since then. I’ve moved to a new home, but I’m still in Bellingham, a town I have grown to love. It seems fitting to have a new bloggy home along with my new physical address and I’ve always wanted to try WordPress. Honestly, I was just a little scared to try it when I started my first blog. But, I’ve learned a lot along the way and made a ton of new friends that I hope will visit me at my new site.

With all the chaos of moving and just 2016 in general, my writing kind of fell off the face of the earth. I’m happy to say that I’m writing again, and I’m going to start querying again, too. I also have a short story that will soon be featured in a podcast, which is something new for me. I’ll get details on that soon and to share with you all.

When I deleted my old blog, I realized that some of the author interviews I had posted disappeared along with my old posts, which I felt bad about. So, I plan to re-post some of those and I’m also putting the word out that I’d love to feature more author interviews here at my new home, as well. If you’d like to be featured on my blog, drop me a line. And I’d love to get my old followers back, too, so if you’d like to, please give my new blog a follow. I’ve heard WordPress is a lot better for that, so I can’t wait to see if it’s true.

I’ll leave you with a photo of some visitors in my new yard. We had to do a ton of landscaping work when we first moved in, hence the big piles of brush.



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